Quad Squad Performance has partnered with Monster Fuel Injection to offer a premium ECU Flashing service right here in Australia.

What is ECU flashing and Why do I need to flash my ECU?

When ATV/SxS manufacturers build and design a new vehicle they don’t know where or how it will be used so they need to spec the information in the ECU(also referred to as the “tune”) to safely cover a wide range of applications and emission limits from around the world.  This means that performance and efficiency is always compromised and flashing your ECU(optimising your tune) to suit your application will give you the performance and efficiency that you need.

A Quad Squad Performance ECU flash will optimise your ATV/SxS fuel and ignition mapping to improve power, torque and throttle response.  Engine and vehicle parameters are also optimised for your application such as running temps, torque limiting, speed limiters, rpm limits and fuel consumption/economy.  ECU tuning also allows the power delivery to be customised to the way the rider/driver wants.

Every tune can be customised to suit your needs, application and modifications.  We have tunes for Recreation, Racing and Work applications.

But my ATV/SxS is E.F.I so it tunes itself?

This is a common misconception.  Your ECU has information(the “tune”) loaded onto it from the factory and relies on sensors on the vehicle to give information to the ECU to allow it to slightly recalculate the information to allow for air temperature, air density and engine temperature changes based on the information that is in the ECU to begin with.  This information is what is changed when flashing your ECU.

How do I get my ECU flashed?

All you need to do is remove your ECU from your ATV/SxS and send it to Quad Squad Performance with a completed spec sheet(add link) with your vehicle/application details and we’ll do the rest and send it back to you ASAP.  We can usually flash ECU’s within 24hrs of receiving them so your downtime is minimal.  Sometimes we get super busy and it can take a little longer, but we will always try to get your ECU back to you ASAP.  If we are experiencing longer than usual completion times we will notify you straight away.  You can also send an email to sales@quadsquad.com.au to check lead times before sending.

I live interstate or cant bring my ECU to you during business hours-what do I do?

We suggest you wrap your ECU in bubble wrap and cardboard for protection and send to us with a trackable freight service like Express Post, TNT or Toll Express.  Unfortunately Quad Squad Performance cant be liable for anything that happens during the freight process as its carried out by a 3rd party and is out of our control.  We’ll return the ECU with the freight service you select- either Express Post, TNT, or Toll Express and can provide freight insurance at charged cost if you would like it.

Is ECU flashing safe? Will my engine blow up?

When done correctly ECU flashing will have no negative impact on your engine life.  In fact, once your ECU is flashed it will run cooler and more efficiently which will extend a properly maintained engines life.  All of our flashes are extensively developed and have hundreds of hours of dyno and field testing so you can be sure you’re getting the best service.

How do I know what I need?

Complete the attached spec sheet as best you can and leave anything blank that you’re not sure of and most of the time we’ll be able to work out what you need from the info you’ve given.  If not, we’ll contact you and ask you some questions that will let us work out what you need.

Download Spec Sheet

Below is a list of models we cover:

  • All canam ATV
  • All Canam SxS
  • All canam Spyder
  • All Canam Ryker
  • All polaris ATV 2011+
  • All polaris SxS 2011+
  • All Kawasaki Teryx 800
  • All Yamaha Wolverine sxs
  • Yamaha yxz1000 sxs
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