ECU Flashing- Yamaha Tenere 700 **To be released soon**

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We can flash your ECU to optimise fuel and ignition mapping to suit your exhaust/intake, adjust limiters and fan settings and basically improve performance and ride-ability across the RPM Range.  Generally peak power increases range from 5-10% with a noticeable improvement in throttle response.

All flashes are developed on our dyno

You can send your ECU in or we can do it while still fitted to the bike. Please include any mods you have to the bike and the main type of riding you do in the notes section at checkout.

If sent in, please include your invoice number and contact details. Turnaround time for flashes is 48hrs.  

Due to how busy our workshop is, we aren't able to do on-bike flashes on the spot sorry, but you can book in to drop off in the morning and pick up later in the day

We can also do a custom tune for your bike in-house on our dyno

Email for more info or to book in.