EVP XR Series Upgraded X3 Primary Clutch Bolt

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Don't risk severe clutch / crankshaft damage with a weak primary clutch bolt! 


  • 2mm larger OD than the OEM bolt where it passes through the puller threads before engaging the crankshaft which equates to 50% more torque holding capacity
  • Made from ARP 2000 Material - An alloy steel that is heat treated to a higher level than most other alloys, producing a greater strength material and can achieve a clamp load at 220,000 psi
  • More thread engagement on the crankshaft to prevent stripping out the threads on either the crankshaft or the bolt
  • Allows a higher hold down torque on the clutch vs the OEM bolt
  • Reuses the OEM clutch washer
  • Unlike the factory clutch bolt, the EVP XR Series bolt is reusable time and time again