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Polaris Turbo EVP Billet Boost Recirculating Valve

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The EVP Polaris RZR Turbo diverter valve is constructed of anodised billet aluminium and features very high temperature sealing o-rings. The OEM Polaris part is constructed of plastic and is a very low quality part which is prone to sticking open which will dump boost pressure to back into the intake and will cause a loss in power. The EVO BRV is a precision part that is designed for high performance vehicles (it has been tested to over 500 hp!) and is a direct replacement for the OEM valve. Many different spring rates have been tried to maximize the performance and fine tune the transition from where the valve is open/closed for smaller displacement turbo/supercharged vehicles.

  • Tested to 500+

  • Direct replacement for the OEM Polaris plastic valve

  • Horsepower

  • Billet anodized aluminum construction with high temperature sealing rings

  • Does not stick like the OEM valve is prone to

    Instructions available here