ProX Clutch Cable

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Available for most makes and models of bike/ATV. To order please add to cart and list the YEAR/MAKE/MODEL in the notes section at checkout.


ProX clutch cables are high quality products that meet or even exceed OEM quality. The cables are manufactured to exact OEM specifications to offer maximum performance. All cables are equipped with pre-lubricated nylon inner sleeves and tightly coiled inner casings, this combined with a flexible PVC outer jacket and strong steel inner cable offers high durability and smooth control. The cable are easy to assemble due to the appropriate length with all necessary mounting parts. Our thorough quality control and use of high quality materials guarantee the perfect fitment. ProX Racing Parts offers a wide range of control cables for an extended range of Dirt Bike applications.

ProX Clutch Cables features:

  • Black PVC outer jacket for maximum flexibility and durability
  • Steel inner casing that is tightly coiled for low compression
  • A pre-lubricated nylon inner sleeve guarantees smooth operation and long life.
  • All wire ends are bird caged prior to terminal casting for superior pull-out resistance

      •  Please list the YEAR/MAKE/MODEL in the notes section at checkout