Yamaha ATV Dayco XTX Belt

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Yamaha ATV Dayco XTX Belt-

Introducing the most powerful belt built for the most extreme machines Dayco’s revolutionary new Yamaha ATV belts are engineered for those monster machines that get ridden hard in extreme conditions. Specially-formulated high temperature Neoprene® with the highest level of Aramid fiber loading available delivers track-churning performance for the most aggressive Yamaha riders.This innovative break-through design features deeper cogs on top and rounded cogs on the bottom for ultimate flexibility and longer belt life.

The Yamaha Dayco XTX belt offers:
• Faster and more consistent throttle response at high speeds
• Quicker throttle response at mid-speed acceleration
• Greater secondary acceleration at high RPMs
• Reduction in slippage during the highest levels of torque
• Increased horsepower capacity
• Better performance during deceleration (more responsive engine braking)
• Tested and proven reliable at well over 12,000 RPMs
• Cooler running than the leading competitors

This race-tested Yamaha Dayco XTX belt gives extreme riders the best out-of-the-hole acceleration, throttle response and durability, for the ride of a lifetime—every time!