Suspension Services

Suspension Revalving

Suspension Services for Moto, ATV and SxS/UTV

We're all about suspension! we live for rebuilding, modifying and setting up all types of suspension for all applications.(MX/Offroad/ATV/UTV/4WD/Truck).  WP, Showa, KYB, Fox, Elka, PEP, Walker Evans, Ohlins, King and more. We stock wear parts for most popular brands of suspension and we have all the latest tools and equipment to stay at the forefront of suspension technology. We use a CTW suspension dyno to constantly test, verify and develop the best settings.

Just like your engine, your suspension needs regular servicing to keep it in peak condition and performing the way it should.  Suspension fluids operate in harsh conditions and wear out over time. Its often a case of out of sight, out of mind when it comes to suspension servicing with nothing being done unless they start leaking oil.  Even weekend warriors should have their suspension serviced at least once a year-even if the seals aren’t leaking, with racers needing more regular servicing. 

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Shock service: (Moto/ATV/SxS/Truck/4x4)

Shocks are stripped down then cleaned and inspected for wear.  Its at this point we will advise on any worn parts that need to be replaced or potential modifications/improvements to ensure your shock is performing at 100%.  Shocks are then reassembled by vacuum filling quality fluids and given a fresh nitrogen charge. Contact us to discuss or get a quote

Fork service: (Moto)

Forks are completely stripped down, cleaned and each component inspected for condition.  

Its at this point we will advise on any worn parts that need to be replaced or potential modifications/improvements to ensure your forks are performing at 100%.

Upon reassembly we will install new fork seals (and any other new parts) and quality fluids set to correct amounts along with setting the springs at the correct preload.  

We only use quality seals (NOK or SKF) to ensure the best performance and longest life. Cheaper aftermarket seals will often have more stiction(drag) which is the number 1 enemy of suspension performance.  If OEM or SKF seals are used we will guarantee fork seals not to leak for 90 days

Seal guarantee exemptions: Damage to chrome work on fork legs(if the legs have roost or impact damage then it will cause the seal to leak) -Dirt/mud/grit ingestion to seals. If you ride in muddy conditions regularly it’s important to clean the cavity between the outer dust seal and the inner fork seal regularly as no seal is immune to grit.  We do have options for extra sealing for extreme conditions and can offer advice on the best way to extend seal life.

We generally dont recommend to "clean out" fork seals on assembled forks with cardboard/feeler gauge or advertised cleaning tools.  The reason for this is that if your seals are leaking, then they're already compromised and will have grit inside them.  Any method of cleaning out seals on assembled forks will push some of this grit past the seals and into the internals of the forks.  This will guarantee extra wear on the bushes and possibly the sliding surfaces (inside the fork uppers or on the chrome legs)

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Custom Setups:

For improved handling, performance, traction and feel custom setups are the ultimate in suspension. Custom setups (correct springs/valving mods to suit your weight, mods and riding/driving style) are a guaranteed improvement for all riders/drivers. You don’t need to be a pro racer to receive the benefit of suspension that is tuned to you. 

Manufacturers will build the machines to suit a wide range of riders/drivers and styles, to do this they must compromise in many areas. By doing a custom setup(correct springs/valving mods etc) to suit you, you’re eliminating those compromises and improving your riding experience. You’ll be able to go faster for longer while being safer. All custom setups include a full service with new wear parts(seals/bushes/fluids) to make sure everything is working 100%.

We change the internals to suit your application and then we select the appropriate spring rates for the application.  

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