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Vortex ECU-ATV

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***YFZ450R ECU's are in stock and Raptor 700 ECU's in stock ready to ship, LTR 450 ECU's will ship in 3-5 days)


The Vortex ECU is the ultimate in ECU tuning and engine performance for your ATV (YFZ450R, Raptor 700, LTR450)

You can expect the following improvements after fitting a Vortex ECU

-Increased response and a smoother power delivery for better traction

-Increased power over a wider rpm range

-Increased rpm limits allow you to carry gears longer where needed

-Better starting

-Flameouts are greatly reduced

-Advanced DTC (Dynamic Traction Control) activated via handlebar switch (where applicable)

-User friendly tuning options to suit your riding style and conditions and aftermarket exhausts

-Proven reliability

They can be as simple as plug and play or your tuner can develop custom maps for your application. Please note that the tuning hardware and software isnt included and needs to be purchased direct from Vortex however most dyno operators in your area will have the equipment. If you’re local to us and need custom tuning done, we can do this on our dyno.

Developed and manufactured in Australia for Australian Tuning conditions with 100% performance, rideability and reliability in mind. The Vortex ECU improves performance and reliability by optimising fuel mapping, spark timing and other engine functions by calculating inputs from the engine sensors to deliver the best output from your engine. The Vortex ECU comes programmed with 10 fuel and ignition maps developed worldwide through thorough track and dyno testing for the specific model its intended for so you have a range of tuning options to suit different riding conditions, traction preferences and common modifications (Aftermarket Exhaust etc)

Used worldwide by raceteams and the weekend warrior alike!

We have been confidently using Vortex products exclusively on our own bikes as well as customer builds for over 15yrs. With this experience we can provide you with excellent product advice and backup.

12 month warranty against manufacturing defects

Fault code diagnostics still available through flashcodes displayed on the killswitch/dash/FI Light (whatever your model has standard)


Please note the handlebar switch isnt included, on models that dont have a map switch as standard, The Vortex map switch can be purchased separately.