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About Us

Established in 2006,  Quad Squad Performance is a one stop performance workshop. We provide the best Parts, Accessories and Service for your ATV, Bike or SxS vehicle. We specialise in engine and suspension performance that caters to all aspects of Powersports activities. Whether you’re a weekend trail rider looking to make your days riding a little more comfortable or a hard-core racer in search of the ultimate race build, we have you covered. 

Quad Squad Performance has many years experience in all aspects of the Moto, ATV, and SxS Racing.  We currently work with many racers/drivers.

With many years experience riding and racing, we’re sure to get the job done right and offer the best advice.  We know what works and what doesn’t, so whether you’re a weekend warrior, or a hard-core racer, let us share our knowledge with you.

Our Services

some of our specialties

Engine Rebuilds

We have all your engine rebuild service needs covered for Moto, ATV and UTV .Whether it be a top end rebuild on a 2 stroke or a full engine and transmission rebuild on a 4 stroke we can do it all to standard spec or any performance work (head porting, cams, transmission treatments etc.) 

ECU Flashing

Add power and improve running conditions by optimising your fuel and ignition mapping and adjusting limiters and engine parameters

Suspension Services

We can rebuild, setup(valving/springs/modifications) and tune all brands of suspension for all Moto, ATV and UTV