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Can Am ATV ECU Flashing

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Fuel Used

Place your order(add ATV year/model in notes at checkout), send your ECU in with your order/ contact details and we will reprogram it and get it back out to you within 48hrs.  

- Remapped ignition timing for Australian fuels for better power and throttle response
-Select fuel type from menu. Turbo models need 98 and all other models will have best results with 98, but if you only have access to lower fuel we can map for that fuel no problem.

- Remapped torque limiters (better power and throttle response) 

- Remapped fuel delivery addresses stock lean spots and lowers exhaust temperatures and engine temperatures. (less exhaust heat to the rider and no more melted plastics)

- Can be mapped for exhaust changes. (select from menu)

- Lower cooling fan thresholds greatly lowers engine temperatures

- Speed limit raised. Top speed will be limited by riding surface and clutch capabilities., not by a limiter in the ECU.  1000cc models will typically be restricted by clutch/belt limits(prolonged high speed increases belt temps) smaller engine sizes will be limited by actual engine power (smaller engines have physical limits on available power)

- Higher rpm limit for increased top speed both low and high gears.

- The extended low range rpm makes it much more usable removing the need to switch between gears in many instances. (on CVT models)

-Recalibrated DBW(ITC) throttle settings for improved throttle response and feeling.  Remove the delay/disconnected feeling between throttle input and engine response. (on DBW models)

-ATVs with modes(work/eco/performance etc) can have modes programmed differently for throttle response.  Add requests to notes if you would like a mode untouched or modified a certain way.  If there is any issues with your requests we will email you.

-LImp mode settings can be adjusted/removed on DS450 models (we will email any DS450 order to discuss needs)

-All settings are aimed to get maximum performance without compromising reliability or engine life.  Settings are well developed and tested in Australian conditions to not impact engine life, if anything we could say that a properly tuned engine will last longer than an engine on the lean factory tune.

 Along with cooler/smoother engine running, the average realistic output increases are 5-10% depending on model and supporting mods.  Bolt on mods and clutch setup can play a large role in any potential increases

Clutch setup is also important in power delivery.  For example, if an engine makes peak power at 8000RPM, but is only clutched to shift out at 7500rpm its not going to be able to take advantage of the available power.  We can advise on clutch calibration/setup (or see our Dalton Clutch kit section)

Please also see our ECU Flashing page for more info (click on link here)

How do I get my ECU flashed?

All you need to do is place an order (select your options, add to cart and checkout) then remove your ECU from your ATV and send it to us at 5/8 Normanby St, Warragul, 3820 Victoria.

Be sure to include your order number thats given to you at checkout along vehicle/application details and we’ll do the rest then send it back to you ASAP.

We can usually flash ECU’s within 24hrs of receiving them so your downtime is minimal.  Sometimes we get super busy and it can take a little longer, but we will always try to get your ECU back to you ASAP.  If we are experiencing longer than usual completion times we will notify you straight away.  You can also send an email to to check lead times before sending.

Do you guarantee results?

Yes! we 100% guarantee improvements and want our customers to be happy.  We're that confident in our flashes that if you're not 100% satisfied with the result you can send the ECU back to us, we'll return it to stock and give you a full refund(shipping costs not included)