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Can Am Spyder ECU Flashing

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We have 2 levels of ECU tunes for the Spyder/Ryker  We’ve teamed with Monster EFI from Canada that have developed the tunes for Australian conditions with 100’s of hours of testing.

Place your order(add year/model in notes at checkout), send your ECU in with your order/ contact details and we will reprogram it and get it back out to you within 48hrs.  

Stage 1: (Ryker 600, Ryker 900, 990cc, 998cc, 1330cc)

- is for anyone looking for great value improvements for minimal outlay. A budget priced improvement over any stock setup. All around better performance/response with improved limit setting (RPM, fan temp setting etc).

-must use at least 95 premium fuel (can use 91 in an emergency if ridden gently)

Stage 2: ( ETB only- Ryker 900, 998cc, 1330cc)

Easiest way to tell if its possible to do stage 2 is to see if the throttle is electric or cable.  Cable is stage 1 only and Electric can be Stage 2

- is where everything is optimized.Itsa little louder overall. Also tightens octane tolerances. Must use a minimum of 95 premium fuel at all times

Stage 2 adds more power from off idle to redline over the stage 1.

With the most notable attributes of:

- Increased Torque from idle to 4500rpm.

- Increased power output from 7000-8800 rpm. Optimised torque below 7000.

The ecu mapping for stage 2 is much different:

- remapped fuel, throttle, ignition timing, limits and thresholds for AFR, Exhaust temperatures

- remapped torque limiting logic, temperature limiting logic, timing and knock limiting logic

- open airbox for cold airflow. This works for both power production and detonation prevention. (we need the airbox lid for modification to suit stage 2)

- lower cooling fan temperatures keep engine in a happier state.

- decreased engine safety limiting (allowed by cooler engine temps and air temps)

- revised knock sensor logic (allowed by special tuning, cooler engine temp and air temps)

Stage 1 is $549.95 and Stage 2 is $695 


It is imperative that stage 1 or stage 2 tuning along with specific air box or inlet modification never be mixed up or used beyond their intended development. IE: You can't run stage 2 airbox modifications with stage 1 ecu tuning. And you cant run stage 2 tuning without the proper air inlet modifications.

The dynamic tuning of the ecu allows the user the use of whatever exhaust configuration. Stock, Cat delete, free flow muffler etc in any combination. However, it is recommended to have either a cat delete or free flow muffler with the stage 2. Or both. A well flowing exhaust both works better for power and just as importantly retains less heat around the bike and engine compartment.

Stage 1 is a premium fuel 95 octane tuning. But users can use 91 octane in an emergency and follow safe engine driving habits with the fuel. (keep rpm up, use low gears, don't lug engine, stay below 50% throttle

Stage 2 must use 95 octane premium fuel at a minimum with 98 octane offering better throttle response. NEVER use 91 octane.

Through the use of advanced logic, temperature sensors, knock sensors, oxygen sensors and torque calculations, power will be limited without ideal conditions. The use of poor fuel or exhaust configuration, or high temperatures will have power limited. Just because something works, doesn't mean its ok or ideal. Let the engine breath and feed it the proper fuel. And you will be rewarded.

Turnaround time is within 24hrs most of the time. Unfortunately its not an on-the-spot type job because we actually go in and modify the coding on each ECU file so its more than a few hours work for each ECU. Some tuners will copy/paste generic files but they can run into compatibility issues with different files for different models/build dates etc. These tunes are generally less extensive as well so the end result isn't as good. By modifying each ECU file on the performance side of the ECU coding it removes the risk of having an issue with other areas such as ABS, dash function etc.

How do I get my ECU flashed?

All you need to do is place an order (select your options, add to cart and checkout) then remove your ECU from your Spyder and send it to us at 5/8 Normanby St, Warragul, 3820 Victoria.

Be sure to include your order number thats given to you at checkout along vehicle/application details and we’ll do the rest then send it back to you ASAP.

We can usually flash ECU’s within 24hrs of receiving them so your downtime is minimal.  Sometimes we get super busy and it can take a little longer, but we will always try to get your ECU back to you ASAP.  If we are experiencing longer than usual completion times we will notify you straight away.  You can also send an email to to check lead times before sending.

Do you guarantee results?

Yes! we 100% guarantee improvements and want our customers to be happy.  We're that confident in our flashes that if you're not 100% satisfied with the result you can send the ECU back to us, we'll return it to stock and give you a full refund(shipping costs not included)