Segway SxS ECU Flashing

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Segway SxS ECU Flashing coming soon!  We are still in the R&D phases of this model, if you would like to be a part of the R&D please contact us


- Remapped ignition timing for better power and throttle response.  (Both 91 Octane and Premium Unleaded Tuning available)

- Remapped torque limiting (better power and throttle response) 

- Remapped fuel delivery addresses stock lean spots and lowers exhaust temperatures and engine temperatures.

- Can be mapped for exhaust changes. 

- Lower cooling fan thresholds greatly lowers engine temperatures 

- Speed limit raised or removed.

- Higher rpm limit (+500 to +1200) Allows for increased top speed obtainable in both low gear and high range.

- The extended low range rpm makes it much more usable removing the need to switch between gears in many instances.

 Along with cooler/smoother engine running, the average realistic output increases are 5-10% depending on model and supporting mods.  Bolt on mods and clutch condition can play a large role in any potential increases.  Clutches need to be serviced and operation checked regularly

Please also see our ECU Flashing page for more info (click on link here)

With all our reprogramming, the customer can select any parameters or options. Everything is custom and never any extra charges. Select your - rpm limiter, speed limiter, cooling fan points, fuel octane to use etc. Not just our defaults.

Do you guarantee results?

Yes! we 100% guarantee improvements and want our customers to be happy.  We're that confident in our flashes that if you're not 100% satisfied with the result you can send the ECU back to us, we'll return it to stock and give you a full refund(shipping costs not included)