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Ranger XP900 15-18

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Primary spring replacement.
The 900 Ranger XP in this model year range has a well known abrupt engagement of the clutch. Slow speed crawling is awkward.
We have not had a test vehicle for extensive time to do thorough testing with different tires and terrains to develop any complete clutch kit. We have not tested larger tires and will not make assumptions or guesses at clutch calibration for that. However, we have experimented with the totally stock vehicle enough to know the stock primary spring is very aggressive. This simple primary spring change makes it a much smoother, and a more positive engagement of the belt each time you move.
The initial engagement load rate of the spring is lower with a similar to stock fully compressed load pressure. Test riders have all commented very positive on how much more smooth at low speeds when on and off the throttle.
At some point we hope to do more testing of this vehicle with different tires and situations, but for now, the Dalton Black/Pink primary spring very noticeable improvement on this application for a very inexpensive price.