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Maverick Trail /Sport 1000 2018+ (not 1000R**) - 29.5”+Tyres

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Dalton DBMT1000-2

Can-Am Maverick Trail /Sport 1000 2018-21 (not 1000R**) - 29.5”+Tyres

This kit is more specific to very large tyre sizes.

Developed to help recover power losses and belt performance when using extra large oversized tyres. Larger or heavier tyres hurt performance everywhere. The larger the tyre size, the more loss incurred from installing them. The rotating weight and added gearing from larger tyres hurt acceleration and top speed. This kit improves bottom end performance and improves belt grip without further loss of top speed. Throttle response is improved and better back shifting of the belt when the vehicle senses load form soft terrain or hills. A better clutch re-calibration for controlling “rate of shift of the belt” with these tire sizes.

The kit includes new springs for both primary and secondary clutches, as well as a new helix* with a custom ramp that is designed to work with the rest of the kit. There is also a set of new flyweights that are adjustable, and built specific to the application. The instructions include a set up guide that tells exactly how to set up for different tires and situations.

* The helix and secondary spring in this kit are not the same as in the DBMT 1000-1 clutch kit.


Additional Notes:

FAQ: I want the best power I can have and I do not care that it costs more, can I use this kit with smaller than you suggest or with stock tyres?

Answer: No. Clutch calibration is specific. More parts does not always mean “better”.

This is an adjustable kit that has a set up guide. It is adjustable and has instructions specific for the tyre sizes stated for this kit. The best tested results are the kits listed for the tyre sizes stated.

    • Calibrations and settings listed in the kit are for the stock hp of the vehicle
    • Requires some special factory BRP tools* and dealer installation.
    • The stock factory belt is the best for this application.