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Outlander 450 (Big Tyres Only)

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Dalton DBO450
The 450 Outlander has fairly good factory clutching for the stock tyres at low elevation. This clutch kit was developed to help recover losses incurred from installing oversized tyres.
This clutch re-calibration is a good improvement in acceleration compared to stock clutch components after installing those larger tyres.
Back shifting is improved, which means it back shifts the belt to the proper ratio on the clutches as the vehicle senses load conditions. Better belt grip and improved throttle response. This can can also be used to help with power loss at higher elevations, even with stock tyres.
Sometimes more parts is not better. The 450 comes with flyweights that are well suited to its application and re-calibrations are accomplished with only the use of new springs. New springs are included for both the primary and secondary clutch.
Note: Not for stock tyres at low elevation (0-4000”). The kit is for oversized tires and will not help performance of stock tyres, but rather could have negative effects on speed and fuel economy.