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Outlander 650 All Years

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Dalton DBO650

This clutch recalibration for the CAN-AM 650 Outlander offers flexible tuning options for stock or oversized tyres and high elevations. Improved acceleration, throttle response and backshifting with no loss of top speed when set up properly for your application.This kit uses a different adjustable base weight than the 800 cc and other kits.

This clutch kit has adjustable flyweight lever arms and a new primary spring. Instructions show you how to set up the flyweights for different tyres and applications.

Notes: The Green/Yellow primary spring supplied is the most popular, however, other options are available, see below.

If using 29.5” and larger use addition of Yellow /Black secondary spring, and follow the section in the instructions that says “When using the optional secondary spring for 29.5 and larger tyres”. The yellow /black optional secondary spring is also used with extreme type mud competition tires like Outlaws, etc. if used primarily for mud.

XMR 650:  The optional secondary spring is not normally needed with the stock 28” Mudzillas on this model if used for trail applications. Using the optional secondary spring when not needed can hurt speed and fuel economy.