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Dalton DPPS-TN-Can Am 570 2016+

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The 570 cc engines are a nice addition to the Can Am line up. The factory did a pretty good job of calibrating the vehicle in stock form. Nice to see. As much as we love to test and tune and sell parts that help, The fact is that after plenty of testing we found that the stock CVT clutch calibration was fairly good for stock tires. The stock secondary spring is the one formerly used in the 800 series, and this vehicle has even lower final drive gearing, so there was no need for anything there. Even up to and including 27” aftermarket tires most of the calibration was not bad.
The part that we found soft was the initial take off, and low end response in certain situations. When all was said and done we have a new primary spring that is just right to improve bottom end without being too aggressive. The DPPS-TN (Dalton Tan) primary spring is a noticeable improvement. A smooth, more positive engagement that is at only a slightly higher RPM than stock engagement results in better bottom end without negative effects on speed.