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Kawasaki KRX 1000

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Dalton DUV KR1

Better belt grip and improved performance for oversized tires. 

This kit is primarily developed to recover power losses and belt performance when using oversized tires, and to improve the durability of the drive clutch. There is significant improvement in acceleration and response compared to stock clutching when oversized tires are used.

There are some acceleration gains with stock tires, but not as significant. It does, however, hold proper RPM much better for soft terrain, sand, and hills, and offers much improved quality of components as well as adjustability for future tires or mods.

Oversized tires hurt performance. Larger diameter and heavier rotating weight. Proper clutching can re-calibrate the “rate of shift of the belt” to improve RPM and response. It also improves the clutch systems ability to backshift the belt quicker when the vehicle senses load, which is critical to life of the belt and other driveline components such as stress on the wet clutch. The KRX has very low final drive gearing compared to some other similar models, and in fact when clutching is set up properly it performs very well with larger tires.

The kit also improves durability of the primary drive clutch and components, no matter what tires you run. Our test unit showed some durability issues very early with stock components in the primary clutch.

Includes a better, more durable flyweight design, that is also adjustable to allow for correct “rate of shift of the belt” for different tire sizes and situations. The weights feature Dalton’s popular “Quick Adjust” threaded passage, that allows you to add or subtract mass from the flyweights without even removing the flyweights from the clutch. A nice feature if you use two different tire sizes or situations. The flyweights are designed and machined to work with a custom thrust washer (wear resistant surface) on each side of the flyweight. This method has been well proven in some of our other desert racing applications to reduce wear on drive clutch components, and provide consistent fluid motion of the flyweight.

Quick, easy adjustment is especially beneficial if you are switching between different tire sizes for seasons. Also helps with occasional trips to elevation ( although we are currently working on a separate kit more specific to high elevations).

There are also new springs for both the primary and secondary clutch, and the whole system is designed and calibrated to work together. The instruction manual gives a explanation of clutch components, and the included “set up guide” tells you how to set up the flyweights for the different tire sizes.

The kit is easily adjusted and can be used with other mods. There are also notes in the Set up guide with regards to modified ECU tunes and their effect/set up.


Additional Notes:

FAQ : With this kit make the KRX 1000 faster top speed?
Answer: Sorry, but no. Clutch tuning kits (weights and springs) alone can not make the vehicle faster top speed. Clutching can help bottom end acceleration and improve back shifting when the vehicle senses loads, etc. but cannot increase top speed.
Clutch kits control the “rate of shift” of the belt on the pulley system. The KRX 1000 has very low gearing in the final drive compared to many others. Clutch components control the rate of shift of the belt (and thus the RPM) only until the belt tops out on the primary motor clutch. This is called the “clutch phase”. once the belt is fully shifted to the top of the primary (and down to the bottom of the secondary at the same time) , it is fully shifted. It cant shift up any higher. After full shift is reached the tuning components no longer control RPM or speed.
On this vehicle the belt is fully shifted at approximately 50-55 mph in high range after that you are running on engine and it does not matter what weights or springs you have. Clutch tuning components are not the controlling factor of top speed. It is gearing related.
Clutching controls and optimizes “rate of shift during the clutch phase” part of the run. In fact, sometimes once your belt wears down to a more narrow width, it will run out of gear sooner, and you will feel rpm rise from full shift at a even lower speed.
FAQ: Will the clutch kit cause a loss of top speed?
Answer: No
FAQ: What if I have other pipes, modifications, etc?
Answer: If you modify the engine or drivetrain, you may have to make slight adjustments.  For example, we have seen some pipes/exhaust make more power on some vehicles, and we have even seen pipes make less power on some other applications, we only used stock exhaust on this vehicle. This kit is adjustable and you can make the RPM higher or lower than stock clutching on a stock vehicle. Be aware that in some cases pipes can hurt performance (not what people always want to hear, but now and then that is the case). If you do modifications to HP or clutches you may need to vary the adjustments from the standard flyweight set up guide. There is information in the instruction manual about the proper RPM, etc for a stock engine.