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RZR PRO XP/Turbo S/Turbo R 2021+

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Dalton DUV PRX-21

Improved performance and belt grip on the 2021 and newer Pro XP Turbo/Turbo S/Turbo R

Includes setup guides for all versions

This clutch kit offers improved performance, better belt grip, longer belt life, and adjustability to be able to better calibrate the clutching for different tire sizes and situations. Improved back shifting of the belt when the vehicle senses load to prevent slippage.

Included are new primary and secondary springs, and a set of Dalton’s Quick Adjust flyweight lever arms.

These adjustable flyweights in this kit were built specific for this application and are of superior quality.

Proper flyweights have a bushing. The factory stock weights have a bushing (some aftermarket do not). It is critical to not only have a bushing, but a good bushing. When a flyweight comes under load at higher rpms, it needs to pivot freely on the pin and thus not stick to the pin and pivot the pin in the aluminum clutch housing.

The Dalton flyweights in this kit have a superior bushing material, and this bushing has been proven in many high HP endurance applications.

The Dalton “Quick Adjust” flyweight allows you to fine tune clutching calibration (add or subtract grams) without even removing the flyweights from the drive clutch. The flyweights also have a hardened steel thrust washer on each side which also allows for more fluid motion of the weight, and prevents the flyweight from grinding against the aluminum housing of the clutch. Less wear on the primary clutch and better clutch action is the result.

The provided instruction manual tells you exactly how to set up the flyweights for different tires and situations.