Dalton DUV8RZ-11/12/13*/14 - RZR 800 (S)

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*Fits 2013 800cc except Blue Fire EPS/EBS model

Stock or oversized tires, adjustable kit

New adjustable clutch kit for the 2011, 2012 RZR and RZR "S" models. Polaris RZR models continue to evolve. 2010 introduced some new clutches and components from the factory, and the 2011,2012 800 cc models have different engine configurations which require slightly different clutch calibration. Adjustable clutch components let you get your clutch/belt shift pattern correct for your specific application. Some of our kits look similar, however they are different and model years and applications are important.

Kit comes with adjustable flyweights and a "set -up guide" for most common applications including tire sizes, typical bolt on mods and altitude adjustments.

This kit is not for the 900 XP RZR.