Dalton DUVP10RS-O RZR Trail S 1000 2016+

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Adjustable clutch kit for the 2016 and newer Polaris 1000cc RZR S and RZR Trail S (28” and larger tyres), as well as sand dune or high elevation (above 3500’) applications with any tyre size.

This kit is similar to the stock tyre kit, but contains a different secondary clutch spring more suited to the application. The kits for this vehicle contain the same adjustable flyweight lever arms and most components.

This kit is for the described tire sizes, but can be used with smaller (26-27”) tyres by adding the optional secondary spring DPSS-B/BL-T (Black/Blue w/tang). You can convert one kit to the other by the use of the optional secondary spring. The instructions include set ups for that optional spring and tyre sizes, etc.