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RZR XP900 11-14

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Dalton DUVP9XP

Stock or over sized tires. Adjustable clutch kit.

One clutch kit that can be set up for different terrain and tires sizes/elevations means accurate clutch tuning for your situation. Improved acceleration, back shifting, and belt performance.

The location of the clutches on the 900 XP makes the Dalton flyweights a great tuning option.This kit includes Dalton's patented "Quick Adjust" flyweight system that allows you to add or subtract weight from the flyweights for fine tuning without even removing the flyweights from the drive clutch.

Instead of using generic designs, Dalton's "Quick Adjust" flyweight in this kit was designed specifically for this 900 XP application.

Instruction manual includes "flyweight Set-Up Guide" for most applications.

Latest instructions also include "set up" info for the "Stage 2 Performance Package" (Jagged X engine components/exhaust kit) from Polaris.

Note: For tires of 29.5" or larger order the optional secondary clutch spring DPSS-GY/W and follow the special section in the set up guide in the kit that is for that application.