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RZR XP Turbo 2016

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Dalton DUVPXPT-16
The RZR XP Turbo has great HP, new different clutches than other RZR models and some different characteristics.
This is a new clutch set up for the Turbo XP. Clutch calibration needs to be balanced for best efficiency. The clutches must upshift in the correct sequence to keep the engine in the best power, but they must also back shift the belt to the correct ratio on the clutches as load comes on. The components in this kit are designed to work together and also offer improved performance and flexibility. This clutch kit includes a new version of our Dalton “Quick Adjust” flyweights that were built specific to this application. There are also new primary and secondary clutch springs included and an instruction manual that shows how to set up the kit for your application.
The clutch kit provides increased acceleration, better belt grip and improved throttle response.

Turbocharged vehicles sometimes get re-programmed for race applications. We have also included some tuning notes for a +20 HP ECU tune (often referred to as stage 1 type tunes).


* As you can see on our main web page, sometimes we offer different kit versions for 4 seat vehicles. Heavier vehicle weight, gearing and/or loads of a 4 seat vehicle sometimes require slightly different rate of shift, etc. We have not tested or verified any results on a 4 seat version. If or when we do this site info will be updated.
FAQ: Our race team has a special race engine and/or a custom program and I have a higher/different level of HP....will this kit work for me?
Answer: We have not tested any versions other than what is stated above (+20 HP ECU). The kit is adjustable and may be suitable for other modified power levels of racers. However, testing may need to be done by the race team to determine. We only recommend what we have tested. The components in this kit are suitable for the above described applications.