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Dalton Primary Spring- Can Am

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Optional primary spring for DBO 650, DBO 800 & DBO 800R clutch kits

Our popular kits for Can- Am 650 and 800 models come with the Green/Yellow primary spring for maximum acceleration and backshifting. Tan primary spring still has the load rating required to work with the supplied adjustable flyweights in the kit, but has a lower engagement rpm. TAN has only slightly higher engagement than stock on the 650/800 models.


The Dalton Green/Yellow primary spring is a popular tuning option on many Can Am ATV applications


This new progressive wound primary spring has similar to stock engagement rpm and still has sufficient load rating to function properly in the applications listed here. Different riders and applications mean different preferences. DPPS-Y/BL can be used as a low engagement option with the DBO 650, DBO 800, DBO 800R, DBO 800M clutch kits.


This primary spring was designed for the competittion mud racers in 650/800cc applications with a higher engagement than the green/yellow that comes in the DBO800 kit and still has the required load rating to work with the adjustable flyweights in the DBO 800 / DBO 650 kits

Additional Notes:

Can-Am  Primary Springs   @2.5"     @1.25"
Dalton Black/Yellow DPPS-B/Y 45 lbs.   120 lbs.
Dalton Yellow/Blue DPPS-Y/BL 45  lbs.   154 lbs.
Dalton Tan DPPS-TN 55 lbs.   155 lbs.
Dalton Green/Yellow DPPS-G/Y 67 lbs.   160 lbs.
Dalton Green/Black/Silver DPPS-G/B/S 75 lbs.   169 lbs.
Dalton Yellow/Red DPPS-Y/R 85 lbs.   165 lbs.
Can Am 1000 (atv) Stock 70 lbs   120 lbs
Can Am 1000 (Mav/Comm) Stock 75 lbs   137 lbs