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Dalton Primary Spring- Polaris/Kawasaki

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Polaris and Kawasaki Colour Part # @2.5" @2.0 @1.25"
  Dalton Blue DPPS-BL 3 lbs 60 lbs 155 lbs.
Dalton Dark Green DPPS-DGN 3 lbs. 67lbs 175lbs.
Dalton Plain/White DPPS-P/W 10 lbs. 60lbs 114lbs.
Dalton Amber DPPS-AM 10 lbs. 73lbs 189lbs.
Dalton Red/Yellow/Silver DPPS-R/Y/S 15 lbs. 90lbs 225 lbs.
Dalton Orange/Blue DPPS-O/BL 25 lbs. 76lbs 167 lbs.
Dalton Black/White DPPS-B/W 45 lbs. 82lbs 143 lbs.
Dalton Orange/Silver   DPPS-O/S 47 lbs 95lbs 176 lbs
Dalton Black/Orange DPPS-B/O 56 lbs. 91lbs 157lbs.
Dalton Lime/White  DPPS-L/W 80 lbs.  195 lbs
Dalton Ivory DPPS-IV 90 lbs  185lbs
Dalton Orange/Green DPPS-O/G   70 lbs  193lbs
Dalton Black/Tan DPPS-B/T   61 lbs  210lbs
Dalton Orange/Gold DPPS-O/GD 78 lbs  175lbs
Dalton Black/Pink DPPS-B/PK 65 lbs  170lbs