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Dalton Secondary Spring- Yamaha

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Metallic Blue secondary spring is heavier than the secondary spring in the Grizzly 660/700. It can be used as an accessory to aid the 660/700 Grizzly 4X4 atv's in mud and/or oversized tyre applications with 27" and larger tyres.

This spring is also appropriate to help with bottom end and mid range response on RHINO applications using heavier stock size, or 26-27 inch tyres. Helps slow the initial upshift of the belt,and get rpm quicker on initial take off. Also helps with power loss from Sand applications.

Metallic Red secondary spring is heavier load rating than the metallic blue (see "components" page for load ratings). For use in 700 Rhino applications for heavier tires 26" and up.

Also used for 660 Rhino when running 28" and larger tires, and used for Grizzly 700 with 28” and larger aggressive mud tyres.


Additional Notes:

Yamaha Rhino 4X4 Utility Vehicle

Since we are in the CVT clutch industry we are often asked about the popular Yamaha Rhino . As you can see we do not offer a complete clutch kit for this vehicle. We do however offer some inexpensive componets that can help a few issues.

On any vehicle we expect to meet certain criteria for benefeits and gains ,and that criteria also means not substantial trade offs to achieve the gains. There is also a cost / benefeit factor. There are in fact, times when the factory calibration is done fairly well for the power/gearing/weight ratio that you have to work with . A complete CVT recalibration on some vehicles,in our opinion,is not necessary. Sometimes there are other fundamentals that may cause issues that some find undesirable,and sometimes a simple spring can help compensate with less side effects,or do as well as a more expensive kit. For instance, on a Rhino,reverse drive gearing is a ratio like high range(many feel reverse should be like low range like other similar vehicles). Others feel that forward low range is simply not low enough. If a final drive ratio is not in the envelope that the end user expects,we do not like to put any false hopes that re-calibrating how fast the belt shifts will solve all of that. Sometimes a simple component change like the secondary spring can get you some benefeit ,and at least it is cost effective to do.


     @ 3" @ 1,750"
  Dalton Plain w/pink stripe DPSS-P/PK 172 285
  Dalton Metallic Blue DPSS-M/BL 185 305
  Dalton Metallic Red DPSS-M/R 195 312